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Renowned American Sleep Consultant, Kerry Bajaj Launched Her Debut Book, ‘Sleep, Baby, Sleep: A Bedtime Routine From 8 To 8’ With Celebrated Actor Soha Ali Khan In Mumbai 


Kerry Bajaj, a popular American Sleep Consultant, launched her debut book Sleep, Baby, Sleep: A Bedtime Routine from 8 to 8, at Mumbai. Raising a toast to the grandeur, the book was released by celebrated actress Soha Ali Khan, amidst book lovers present at the event. The launch event also witnessed a fireside Tete-e-Tete between the actress and the author, which was moderated by popular designer and mom blogger, Simone Khambatta. Published by HarperCollins, this is the first and only book on baby sleep for Indian parents.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep is a well-researched book that busts common myths, including the notion that one should never wake up a sleeping baby, that co-sleeping is necessary to ensure secure attachment with your child, and that keeping your child up later will make them sleep better.

The book launch witnessed an engaging and humour filled conversation between the author and celebrated actress. While Kerry spoke about the importance of having a sleep schedule, Soha talked about how one needs to constantly evolve and adapt as per baby’s needs. Delving further into the conversation, Kerry also suggested tips and tricks to guide the baby into a certain sleeping pattern and how important it is for baby’s schedule to be independent of the parent’s sleep schedule.

Speaking about the launch of her new book, Kerry Bajaj said, “I am pleased to have launched my debut book today in the presence of one of a hands-on mommy. This book is for all parents who want to improve their baby’s sleep and find sleep harmony for the family. I want all the parents to know that bedtime can be a cozy experience and not this dramatic struggle. ” Sharing her anecdotes on how to fix a sleep schedule for the baby, Kerry further elaborated on few things mentioned in her book, stating that, “The less exposure baby has to artificial light after sunset, the easier it is to put a baby to sleep. Also, it is important for parents to know that even though your baby is asleep they are conscious of every sound or noise in their surroundings.”

She further added, “I hope the book gives a helpful insight to all Indian parents for their babies.”

Congratulating Kerry on the launch of her debut novel, Soha Ali Khan said, “I feel pleased to have been a part of the book launch of ‘Sleep, Baby, Sleep’, today. Being a parent myself, I have read this book cover to cover and it has been immensely helpful. In fact, while reading I was making mental notes of where I was going wrong with my baby.”

Adding to the discussion with Kerry on how children react in different ways due to lack of ample sleep or even excess of sleep, she said, “ I think my only motive so far has been not letting her know how much control she has over me

Sleep, Baby, Sleep has been called “A must-read for every parent” (Soha Ali Khan), “Highly recommended” (Sunny Leone), “An insightful, revelatory read” (Gul Panag), and “Full of simple and practical tips, relevant in the Indian context” (Dr Mahesh Balsekar, head of pediatrics at Breach Candy Hospital).

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