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Producers- Shoib Nikash Shah, Raj Kushwaaha and Sakshi Seth

Director- Shoib Nikash Shah

Star Cast- Shoib Nikash Shah ,Padma Dolkar, Tanu Choksit, Tsering Chosphel, Azmat Khwaja, Nono Chopsal, Chocho Tanu, Yangchan Dolma and Imran Khan
Genre- Social
Rating- ***

OTT Platform- ShemarooMe


Jyothi Venkatesh

Antenna which has been made by the Ladakh based filmmaker cum actor who had earlier churned out theme based films like Football and My Angel, My Teacher sets out to showcase Ladakh’s beauty in the midst of a very beautiful plot.

The highlight of this film is that it is Bollywood’s first film which has entirely been shot in the Union territory of Ladakh.

Till now, you must have witnessed Ladakh’s beauty in a few scenes or songs but in this one, you would literally feel as if you’ve been magically transported by a Time Machine to the days of Shaktimaan to Ladakh during your lockdown-weekend!

The movie instantly takes the 90’s kids back to their childhood! Even the present-day kids, who cannot imagine anything without the internet, would find it interesting to see children on screen struggling to get an Antenna to watch their favorite show, something that they get in just one click today!

The struggle of the kids, their journey would teach modern-day kids that they have to strive hard to achieve something in life.

Set in the late 90’s in the beautiful valleys of Ladakh, Antenna is the story of two siblings Tanu and Achu wanting to watch the popular TV show Shaktimaan.

But since they have a non-working TV antenna, one of the siblings goes on a mission to make some money by offering to do home delivery of liquor and buy a new Antenna.

Their journey crosses paths with three young car thieves, leading to some misadventures.

Both the kids Tanu and Achu impress you with their reservoir of talent while Shoib Nikash Shah literally lives his role effortlessly as the protagonist and the car thief.

Mention also ought to be made about Padma Dolkar who plays the romantic lead to the protagonist car thief, who steals the show with her expressive face.

What makes you like the film the moment you watch it on ShemarooMe is its brilliant cinematography as well as the performances of the cast which make you feel as if you are literally transported into Ladakh of the 90’s.

You feel you are watching a Majid Majidi film with brilliant takes though the plot takes a long time to drive home the message, thanks to a long drawn out screenplay.

Nevertheless, I’d give the film 3 stars for the sincerity of the director to make an attempt to make a non mainstream film like this with effortless ease and also to ShemarooMe to come forward to showcase a little gem like this on its platform