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Review doctor doctor (marathi)


Producers: Kiran Kumavat, Suraj Dagade Patil,Gauri Sagar Pathak

Director: Pritam SK Patil

Star Cast: Prathamesh Parab,Parth Bhalerao,Ramesh Pardeshi,Vinod Khedkar, Sideshwar Zadbuke, Amol Kagne

Genre: Comedy

Platform: Zeeplex on Zee5

Rating: **

Amateurish & Cringe-worthy!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Just for the record for uninitiated, Doctor Doctor is the first Marathi film to be premiered on Zee Plex from 30 October on a pay-per-view basis. Earlier this month, Khaali Peeli, starring Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Pandey, was the first Hindi film to be released on Zee Plex on a pay-per-view basis.

Pritam SK Patil’s sex comedy Doctor Doctor (2020) sees two friends Keshav (Prathamesh Parab) and Pushkar (Parth Bhalerao) who aspire to become doctors and nauseates the viewers with their crazy antics after they join medical college. The subject written by Pritam S. K. Patil and Sagar Pathak is amateurish and the plot by itself is hackneyed and lacks originality,

The film revolves around two good-for-nothing youngsters Keshav and Pushkar who join a medical college bowing down to severe pressure from their families. Pushkar’s deceased father’s last wish is to see his younger son grow up to be a doctor while Keshav’s uncle, who has assumed a fatherly role in the family, has high hopes for his nephew’s future.

Academics never feature among the priorities of the two. The roommates turn thick buddies in no time, enjoy each other’s company, giving lame excuses to bunk classes, hitting on women and finding newer ways to get into trouble by the day, without having any motive in their lives. The predictable film is full of senseless crass jokes. However, the biggest problem is not the vulgar humour but the way it is shown, with women roaming about in skimpy clothes and portrayed simply as objects to be ogled at.

With an inane plot which the film Doctor Doctor boasts of, it is akin to going on a fish hunt in a jungle. Agreed that curiosity about sex among young adults is quite natural, but the horrendous film portrays the lead male duo (Prathamesh Parab and Parth Bhalerao) as sex-starved young men who will go to any length to get laid, the moment they set their eyes on anything wearing a skirt in two legs

The perverted protagonists do not stop and stoop down to anything. Doctor Doctor positions itself as an adult comedy where every second dialogue is a reference to the genitals of a man or the assets of a woman – banana, mango, sugarcane, an agricultural field, lock, key, screw and we aren’t done with the metaphors yet. Keshav and Pushkar wear frocks, gowns and kurtis to get into the girls’ hostel to seek revenge and even try to capture a woman changing her clothes on their mobiles.

As far as performances go, it is pathetic to see Parth Bhalerao who is one of the most promising young finds in Marathi and Hindi cinema stoop so low with an outing that does a great disservice to his talent, with some of the most outrageous, cringe-worthy lines in the film. It is equally pathetic to digest the expressions of Prathamesh Parab, Drishyam-fame actor, who doesn’t fare any better as Parth’s buddy Keshav.

The song used in the background has double-entendre lyrics. The film is nothing but a B-grade sex comedy with no plot or substance. The film which is Pritam SK Patil’s second film as director after Khichik (2019), also stars Ramesh Pardeshi, Vinod Khedkar, Siddheshwar Zadbuke and Amol Kagne in supporting roles.

The climax is the worst possible example of how to copy from a hit Hindi film like Kabir Singh with the protagonists interrupting an ongoing operation, threatening the doctors with a knife and giving CPR to the patient with little understanding of his medical situation. When they fail to save the patient from dying, they convince themselves by saying ‘What can we do if God decides to take him away? When the end credits appear, you do heave a big sigh of relief.

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