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Producers- Sailesh Kote and Manish Patel

Director- Yogesh Jadhav

Star Cast- Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Dipti Bhargav, Prajakta Shinde, Vikram Gokhale, Vijay Patkar and Kamlesh Sawant

Genre- Comic Thriller

Release Platform- Theatrical

Rating- *1/2

Trite & Illogical!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Email Female is the story of a married man, Shantanu Kulkarni (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi), who is desirous of making friends with a hot girl, Monica (Prajakta Shinde), through a friendship website. One day, he goes to meet her in a hotel room only to find her dead body there.

When Shantanu’s colleague, Vicky (Kanchan Pagare), seeks legal advice from Shantanu’s lawyer-wife, Prajakta (Dipti Bhagwat), without revealing Shantanu’s identity, she advises the person to surrender before the police.

Of you are keen on knowing what happens further, Shantanu does but his woes do not end there. All hell breaks loose when Prajakta learns that the person whom she had asked to surrender was none other than her own husband.

The plot is so archaic that even Hindi film makers have stopped toying with such ideas which are now termed out dated in Bollywood. There was a time when Hindi cinema was dominated by films of a similar theme like Masti (2004), Shaadi No 1 (2005) and No Entry (2005).

There is absolutely nothing which can be termed novel or for that matter progressive in this regressive film which boasts of an uninventive screenplay and an outdated subject which bores you to death, with the way it is shabbily handled.

As far as the performances are concerned, all that I can say is that Nikhil Ratnaparkhi who is basically a character actor has been miscast in the film as the husband with roving eyes and how his misdemeanor lands him in the soup.

Dipti Bhargav as the coy housewife is good while Prajakta Shinde succeeds in titillating the audiences with her oomph and sexy style though he does not have much to display by way of histrionic other than her body.

Vijay Patkar has been grossly wasted in one scene as a waiter while Vikram Gokhale lends credibility to his character as Major Subedar, though one wonders what on earth makes him mouth his lines in Hindi most of the time.

Kamlesh Sawant though okay has been typecast in the film as a cop. While screenplay by Bhakti Jadhav leaves a lot to be desired, music by late Shrawan Rathod and Abhijeet Narvekar is catchy though a tad too loud for comfort.

Mayuresh Joshi’s camerawork is fairly good. Nitin Borkar’s sets are okay. Rajesh Rao’s editing leaves something to be desired. Mayuresh Joshi’s camerawork is fairly good. While Nitin Borkar’s sets are okay, Rajesh Rao’s editing leaves a lot to be desired and the film ought to have been slicker.

On the whole, to put it in a nutshell, I’d not at all hesitate to say that the film is just a mediocre film which may find it tough to sail through at the box office as it is trite and a illogical to the core.

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