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Producers- K. Chadda, Mohit Chadda and Suraj Joshi

Director- Suraj Joshi

Star Cast- Mohit Chadda, Pavan Raj Malhotra, Zakir Hussain, Viveck Vaswani, Farid Currim , Pritam Singh, Ishita Sharma and Shibani Bedi

Genre- Thriller

Rating- *** (Three)

Daringly Different

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film sets out to show a suave and young multi billionaire Ranveer Malhotra’s (Mohit Chadda) struggle to fetch a black box that lies in a crashed flight belonging to his company.

Many passengers aboard the flight died in the crash and Ranveer decides to investigate the case.

The black box, which is essentially a flight recorder, is quite crucial to his investigation, but the other shareholders are totally against the idea of investigation and they refuse to support Ranveer ,

Adityaraj Aviations is dealing with a massive PR crisis and just when Ranveer Malhotra is ready to take responsibility for the Himalayan blunder, all of a sudden, he goes missing.

‘Flight’ is about an elaborate scam behind the cheap, low-quality aviation parts that a certain company is providing to the industry insiders and also, how greed gets the better of human emotions, with the Board of Directors.

The protagonist is obsessed with Bollywood films and Shah Rukh’s boyish appeal and Amitabh Bachchan’s deep-set voice definitely seem to resonate with him the most leaving very little to no room for the implausible plotline to grow in a certain cohesive direction, tread on with logic or render credibility to it in any way.

As far as the performances of the actors are concerned, Mohit Chadha who is playing the role of the billionaire Ranveer Malhotra is reasonably suave and albeit his penchant to deliver like Shah Rukh Khan at times, is able to display various shades to his one man show and doles out a reasonably alright performance.

Zakir Hussain as Khanna uncle and Pawan Malhotra as Balraj Singh manage to portray their best as actors to get into the skin of the characters that they essay do their bit to add shades of grey to the film and instill the element of suspense, but with an unbelievable and stodgy script in hand, the otherwise impressive actors fail to lend credibility to the plot or for that matter make this one a delightful watch.

Farid Currim who is being seen in a film after a longtime asana c tor is just about good as one of the villains but should say that he has been wasted in a cameo which does not afford him any scope to show his mettle as an actor.

Shibani Bedi as Ruksana impresses with her small role in this mid air adventure. Kaizad Kotwal and Ishita Sharma are okay. Pritam Singh as the killer pilot adds a new dimension to his part

Though the story and the screenplay are implausible, dialogues are interesting. Director Suraj Joshi fails to maintain the continuity of the film by steadfastly making it a nail biting plot as a result of which you just cannot call the film an edge of the seat thriller.

Editing by Rahul Mathur leaves a lot to be desired. The background music score of the action-thriller by Smriti Malhotra does not manage to add to the plot progression and hence the music is too deafening and dramatic to blend in with an already insipid and implausible story.

To sum up, all said and done, at a time when trite formula ridden films bore you with regularity, Flight stands out apart with a subject which is different from the rest and banks a lot on VFX and visual effects a lot as it is daringly different