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Review – jhappi jet: ready to luck off (web series)


Producer- Director Sammir I. Patel

Star Cast- Rakesh Srivastava, Sunil Sawra, Paritosh Tripathi, Monica Castelino and Ami Bhayani.

Genre; Comedy

Rating- **

Platform; SIP Digital

Jyothi Venkatesh

Jhappi Jet is an out and out comedy in the cockpit of an airline. At a time when there are web series which boasts of as many as nine to ten episodes each with a 45 minutes to one hour duration, it is refreshing to note that Jhappi Jet provides easy entertainment with just four episodes in the Season One with each having a duration of only about five to eight minutes.

The ace comedian Rakesh Srivastava, of ‘Lapataganj’ fame, plays the Captain. The show revolves around just four characters – Captain Chaddha, first officer Miss Pingle (Monica), the gay flight purser Nawab (Paritosh Tripathi) and air hostess Rosy(Ami Bhayani). What is interesting about the episodes is that they are slick and the comedy is mostly situational and there is nothing by way of obscenity as far as the content is concerned or sleazy in terms of execution .The minus points in the web series are too silly when the obese Captain starts farting when he is working as a pilot and navigating the aero plane, with his female co-pilot Monica by his side or there are quite a few innuendos about the Arab and his fetish for the gay steward.

Though the web series leaves a lot to be desired as far as content which lacks depth, I should say that we do not feel that at all, because performance –wise it is Rakesh Srivastava who deserves stellar honors for keeping us engrossed with his acting while equal credit ought to go to Monica who plays his co-pilot who is spontaneous to the core with her repartees ready to combat the pilot. Ami Bhayani is good .Paritosh Tripathy also deserves kudos for getting into the skin of his gay character with effortless ease.

The director Sammir has painstakingly made an attempt to recreate the atmosphere in an aero plane cockpit and succeeds in making the viewer also feel claustrophobic as well as congested in the small space in the cockpit. Considering the fact that Sammir has not only written the episodes but also directed them, he has done a decent job though the screenplay does leave a lot to be desired.

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