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Review Kaanbhatt (Marathi)


Producer-Director-Aparna Hosing

Star Cast-Rugved Mule, Bhavya Shinde, Vipin Borate,Manisha Joshi,Anil Chitra   and Sanjeev Tandel


Rating- **

Jyothi Venkatesh

Half baked and Illogical

It is the story of a young 10 year old kid Prabhat Date (Rugved Mule), who is compelled by his father Gangadhar Date (Vipin Borate) against his wishes to learn Vedas at the Ved Vidyalaya with the avowed aim of making him proficient in the studies of Veda.

 Pandit Joshi asks his student, the strict Acharya Vishwanand (Sanjeev Tandel) to teach the naughty and obstinate Prabhat.

Prabhat runs away from the Vidyalaya and bumps into Kaanbhatt (Bhavya Shinde), who asks him to return to the Vidyalaya.

Though Prabhat obliges him, he continues to meet Kaanbhatt at nights by elopig form the Vidyalaya.

Kaanbhatt asks Prabhat to keephis meetings with him a top secret, because a mystery lurks behind him

Pandit Joshi and Acharya come to knowabout Prabhat’s nocturnal escapades and call his parents to the Vidyalaya.

When Prabhat spills the beans about Kaanbhatt Pandit Joshi is shell shocked because he knows that Kaanbhatt is dead

The biggest flaw of the film is that the story by Aparna Hosing is not convincing or plausible, but on the contrary only raises some questions which remain unanswered.

The screenplay written by Aparna and Vivek Borhade does not at all justify the proceedings while the duo’s dialogues are very average.

While Bhavya Shinde hardly gets any scope to perform in his limited role though it is the title role, Rugved Mule excels as Prabhat.

Sanjeev Tandel is good as Acharya Vishwanand, while Vipin Borfate is okay a Prabhat’s father Gangadhar Date.

Manisha  Joshi lends good support as Prabhat’s mother Rukmani Date while Anil Chitre is average as Pandit Balkrishna Joshi.

Aparna Hosing’s direction leaves a lot to be desired, as the story is outdated and stale

While Aparna Hosing’s direction leaves a lot to be desired, as the story is outdated and stale, it does not bring a smile on your face with its cock and bull and illogical plot. Rahul Ranade’s music is soothing and lilting.

 Guru Thakur’s lyrics pass muster as usual while Bikram Saha’s choreography is just about average background music by Vijay Varma, Anamik and Lyton is fair.

Arun Varmaa as the DOP is okay. Satish Chipkar’s sets are good. The less said about Meraj’s editing the better

On the whole, to sum up, all said and done, Kaanbhatt is a half baked film with no face value at all and just about fails to impress with its abrupt and illogical lack lustrous ending.