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Review Kannad Gothilla (Kannada)


Platform – Amazon Prime Video

Producer­ -Kumar Kanteerava

Director- Mayura Raghavendra

Star Cast- Hariprriya, Mayura Raghvaendra, Sudharani, and Dharama Kadur

Genre- Thriller

Rating- **1/2

Issue-based vendetta film!

Jyothi Venkatesh

 The film set in Bengaluru has a kind of premise which will definitely warm the cockles of any parochial regional party like say Shiv Sena or for that matter Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. The catchphrase ‘Kannad Gothilla is the favorite of Kannada meme-makers. It is about the popular perception of non-Kannada outsiders to the State resorting to the catchphrase to avoid conversing. To put it in a nutshell, it is how a cop goes about taking personal revenge to avenge the suicide of his younger brother who dies thanks to ragging by non Kannadigas.

When a few non-Kannadiga migrants go missing in Bengaluru, the police department entrusts the investigation to the top female cop Shruthi Chakravarthy (Hariprriya). To make matters worse, the abductor doesn’t leave any clues behind, keeping the entire police department on its toes. The issue becomes the talk of the town, thanks to the media and pressure mounts on Shruthi to solve the case.

The city is shown alarmed by the rising cases of missing people and the top cops appoint the ‘daring’ and good-looking investigative officer Shruthi Chakravarthy (Hariprriya) to find the common factor among these people, once she arrives at the conclusion that the murderer ought to be a staunch Kannada loyalist as only non-Kannadigas are being targeted by him.

The opening sequence sets out to give the viewers a brief history of Karnataka and Kannada language, which tends to make you wonder whether you are watching a documentary. The only saving grace is Hariprriya, who breathes life into her character and effortlessly carries the serious role with a meticulous conviction. In fact, the film is an out and out vehicle to project Hariprriya’s talent whereas the director Mayura Raghavendra also does not lag behind and has played an important role in the film without inhibitions.  Dharama Kadur is passable.

The film tackles the topical issue that in India, people choose not to speak in the language of the place where they stay. Like for example, in Bengaluru, one does not set out to speak in Kannada but Hindi and in Mumbai, one sets out to talk in English instead of Marathi. Remember this is an issue tackled to death five decades ago by Balasaheb Thackeray.

The film is not a direct to digital release via Amazon Prime Video but is a post theatrical release, almost ten months after its theatrical release in Karnataka. Mayura Raghavendra has made a film which does not bore you to death , at the same time setting out to spread a pertinent message where he advocates that if you live in another city in your country, you should make it a point to speak in the lingo of the city.

In short , to sum up, I’d advise you to watch the issue based vendetta movie during the lock down since there is nothing else worthwhile to divert your attention during the ongoing pandemic