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Producer-Kamal Kishor Mishra

Director- Manoj Sharma

Star Cast- Dharmendar,  Madhoo, Kainaat Arora, Vijay Raaz, Rajniesh Duggal, Rajpal Yadav, Hemant Pandey, Asrani, Yasmeen Khan and Rohan Mehra

Genre- Horror Comedy

Platform of Release- Theatrical

Rating- 1.1/2 (One and a half)

Cringe Fest!


The film sets out to chronicle the journey of a top model, Sanjana, (Kainaat Arora) who wants to make it big in Bollywood. She befriends the owner of an ad agency (Rajniesh Duggal) and works in the films produced by him. However, Sanjana`s bad acting leads her nowhere in her career and things take a turn when Sanjana`s mental health takes a toll. What follows next are the series of events that happen in her life, which threaten the equilibrium of her and all connected to her.

The biggest fault of the film is the incorporation of multiple characters which do no service at all to the progress of the plot and the biggest strength of the film is the way the director has tried to blend comedy as well as humour in the subtext of the film, though it will not be able to satisfy the elite with it setting out to cater to the taste of the average layman.


What the hell is a sublime actress like Madhoo doing in the film; we wonder when she sashays as the psychological analyst who sets out to treat not only Sanjana but also her husband when a so called spirit invades her body and violates her according to the SHO played by Vijay Raaz. However, you feel let down when you see the once upon a time handsome He Man Dharmendra stooping down to play a role of no consequence as a boss of Madhoo whose way of treating his patients is by holding them tightly, especially his female patients, to cure them.

Rajpal Yadav manages to impress as the servant while Yasmeen Khan as his wife does not even have proper dialogues. Madhoo is fair while newcomer Rohan Mehra as the guy who fails to communicate his love to Sanjana and commits suicide to haunt Sanjana as a spirit is just about okay. Vijay Raaz is good, as usual while Asrani has been wasted.Kainaat Arora tries to act desperately while Hemant Pandey is good.


The biggest problem with the film is the way it has been edited. What’s more, at times, the film is very tacky and even tends to lose its tight grip on the plot and tapers to an abrupt end with choreographer Ganesh Acharya sashaying on the screen out of turn. To sum up, in short the film is a cringe fest of sorts

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