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Producer- Kumari Manju

Director- Sunil C. Sinha

Star Cast- Late Om Puri, Manoj Joshi, Mugdha Godse, Rushad Rana, Rati Agnihotri and Sanjay Batra

Genre- Social

Platform of Release- Theatres

Rating- **

Tacky & Predictable!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Khela Hobe is a political drama in Hindi that revolves around a self-made young woman Shabbo (Mugdha Godse), who decides to contest the election, in Raghavgarh, India. Shabbo, who runs a beauty parlor in the city, decides to contest in the election only to take revenge for the oppression faced by her and her family. The film is a crazy and convoluted concoction about how each and everyone around us uses politics to climb up the ladder.

Khela Hobe

One day Shabbo's sister and her lover disappear under suspicious circumstances, but elections are round the corner and she must win the election. Shabbo learns that the pregnant mad girl in town is none other than the ex-mayor's younger sister. Though the film sets out to show the story of the half-witted girl who becomes pregnant, and a debate ensues in the town square, as to who might have done this heinous act, it does not bother to throw light on the sordid crime.


This story revolves around a woman who decides to contest an election to take revenge against the oppression faced by her and her family. She fights elections with a new agenda, other contenders fight elections on the basis of secularism and progress in town, whether the major contenders using the ancient agenda of secularism or progress would win, or there will be some surprise in the result.

While Shabbo fights the election with a new and unique agenda, other contenders like Bachchu Lal (Manoj Joshi), Fareek Bhai (Om Puri), Girish Gupta (Sanjay Batra), and Thakur Virendra Pratap (Rushad Rana), etc fight the elections based on pseudo secularism and shabby progress in town, with the aim of amassing wealth by corrupt and foul means at the cost of the poor common men.


Om Puri has been wasted in the film in the role of Fareekbhai which was made six years ago with a half-baked role in which his talent has not at all been exploited. Rati Agnohotri as his nagging wife has also been neglected as far as footage as well as the strength of the role is concerned. It is out and out a vehicle for Manoj Joshi who plays the role of the cunning Bachchu Lal and also fits the part to the T. Mugdha Godse rises to the occasion with her contemporary role of a muse who uses politics to thwart her opponents and avenge them for their exploitation, while both Rushad Rana and Sanjay Batra are just about passable in their roles.


To sum up, the film, which is based on a novel Mudda Yeh Bhi Tha written by Ravi Kumar, is sadly tacky and extremely predictable to the core, in spite of talented actors in the cast.

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