Rabia & Olivia.

Producer: Yousef Sheikh

Director: Shadab Khan

Star Cast: Sheeba Chaddha, Nayab Khan, Helena Prizen Klague, Mustafa Sheikh and Shadab Khan

Genre: Social

Platform of Release: ‘Disney Plus Hotstar’

Adorable & Heart-warming!

Rating- ***1/2

Rabia & Olivia

The story revolves around a 25 year old Indian girl Rabia (Nayab Khan) who has migrated to Canada illegally, seeking refugee status. Nayab, at a very young age, had lost her father in India. Nine year old motherless Canadian kid Olivia is now living with her father Mark in Canada and is suffering from a night terror attack disorder due to which she wakes up in the night and starts crying uncontrollably. As she has been constantly put on sedatives by her doctor, she remains in a very aggressive mood during the day time which is the reason that most of her caretakers have left their jobs as they were unable to handle the pressure .

Yousef Sheikh, Tamara Gazzaz, Shadab Khan

Desperate for employment, Rabia takes up the job of being Olivia’s caretaker. A bond develops between Rabia and Olivia and Olivia’s condition shows remarkable improvements and she starts becoming a much more peaceful, happy and bright child and the caretaker-patient equation transforms into a mother-child equation with great love and affection between the two.

Tamara Gazzaz,

Rabia gets arrested in a child negligence case filed by Olivia’s father and Rabia gets arrested. Olivia’s condition deteriorates to a level much worse than ever before and she is hospitalized. Olivia’s health falls to the lowest point, and shaken up by her pathetic plight, Rabia’s friends Ishaan and Nasir appeal to people for justice to Rabia and they join them in support of their noble mission. Ultimately, all is well and Rabia is acquitted.

Shadab Khan

As far as performances go, while Nayab Khan gets into the skin of her character effortlessly and renders a brilliant performance displaying various layers, Helena Prizen Klague as Olivia, steals your hearts with her wonderful portrayal of the kid. Sheeba Chaddha, who plays Rabia’s mother, acquits herself very creditably though she does not have much footage. Mustafa Sheikh and Shadab Khan are just about passable. The film focuses on the important subject of mental health and sets out to take you on the adorable journey of a caretaker and a child that you will enjoy. If you are looking for some amazing content this weekend, watch Rabia and Olivia, do not miss this adorable and heart-warming gem of a film, with a running time of just about an hour and 25 minutes on Disney Plus Hotstar at any cost.

Nayab & Helena