REVIEW RAUNDAL (Marathi) (5)

Producers-Balasaheb Shinde and Babu Shinde

Director- Gajanan Nana Padol

Star Cast-Bhausaheb Shinde , Neha Sonwane, Yashraj Dimbale,  Sanjay Lakade, Surekha Dimbale , Shivraj Valvekar and Sagar Lokhande


Platform of Release- Theatres

Rating- ***

The story revolves around the life of a kind and innocent young man Shivaji (Bhau Sinde) living with his family who meets with a sweet girl (Neha Sonawane) and they fall in love- but things get complicated- when an evil man Bittu Sheth (Yashraj Dimbale) poses threat to his family, though he overcomes the odds with his will and fate, leading to consequences.

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In several ways the film looks like it is an extended version of Baban’s (Shinde) earlier film Baban, which was also about a one man’s fight against injustice. It revolves around an ambitious young man who strives to rise above the circumstances. He lives in a rapidly developing village with his family.

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Tired of the sugar cane lobby refusing to buy the sugarcane produce of his village, Baban tries to oppose the system. He is threatened and attacked, but refuses to give in. And then there ensues a bitter fight with his opponent. Without giving any spoiler all that I can say is that there is going to be a sequel for this film which will develop hopefully his love story which has not been tackled properly in this part.I should say that the director knows the pulse of his viewers pulse and has incorporated all the ingredients that will appeal to them lowest common denominator.

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While Bhausaheb Shinde scores with his act as the innocent villager whom vows for revenge when he is tormented and his family is held as ransom, Neha Sonawane, who reminds you of Rinku Rajguru’s mannerism in the film Sairat is cute though her prowess has not been tapped since she has hardly any scope to emote. The performances by all the actors are superb especially Shivaraj Valvekar and Yashraj who displays a rare kind of style while executing his scenes with aplomb.

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Harshit Abhiraj’s music is exemplary while lyrics written by Dr. Vinayak Pawar, Balasaheb Shinde and Sudhakar Sharma are appealing. Fight Master Moses Fernandes is brilliant especially when he choreographs the fight sequences in the muddy terrain and Aniket Khandagale is good as the Cinematographer. So is choreographer Neha Mirajkar. Sonu Nigam, Javed Ali, Swaroop Khan, Divya Kumar, Vaishali Made, Harshit Abhiraj and Ganesh Chandanshive croon mellifluously even in an action film like this REVIEW RAUNDAL (Marathi) (2)