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Producer- Jitesh Kumar and Mujeeb Ul Hassan

Director- Sandeep Kumar Rana

Star Cast- Vipin Sharma, Suparna Marwah, Ashish Sahdev, Jitendra Rai and Manoj Bakshi

Genre- Social

Rating- **1/2

Gripping Issue based film!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Basically, this riveting and issue based film San 84 Justice is a 78-minute-long Hindi-Punjabi film narrating the story of a family that sells rice for their living.

The film revolves around the lives of Sikh families that were harassed after the assassination of former Prime Minister Lt Indira Gandhi in 1984.

The film was well received by the international audience and now, it is all set to release in theatres in India.

Gurfateh Singh (Vipin Sharma), a father of 3 sons along with his brother and wife, belongs to a lower middle-class family, where they all work and live together.

Since Gurfateh Singh is not able to get sufficient income through his business, the family tries to earn some extra income from side hustle.

One of his friends suggests him to mix tiny pebbles in the rice and wheat grains, but Gurfateh, an honest man, refuses to do it.

In the meanwhile the news trickles in that Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her own Sikh security force.

This news proves to be a threat to Sikh families as the communal people create chaos, kill Sikh people at random and loot shops under political support by taking advantage of this incident.

This leads to violence in the town and several Sikh families including small children are killed and women widowed.

The incident turns into a war-like situation in the Golden Temple in which several Sikhs suffer, thousands of them lose their lives and many families are destroyed.

It is Vipin Sharma who steals the show and gobbles away the entire scenes in which he is seen with gusto and aplomb and does justice to his role as the honest guy Gurfateh Singh.

Suparna Marwah ably supports Vipin Sharma in the task as his dutiful wife Jeet Kaur who shoulders the responsibility of looking after their three sons. Manoj Bakshi is good in his supporting role as the neighbor Janardhan.

The gripping film which has able to see the light of the day though it was ready two years ago, thanks to the pandemic which has resulted in the delay of releases of films, captures your heart with the pace that the director adopts even though it has a running time of only around an hour and twenty minutes and even though it opens the old wounds of people who were oppressed and mercilessly killed in the wake of the assassination of the late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi, it is a brutal and honest attempt to take us once again through the pages of the history of our country.

The film in short will make you cringe and shed tears and weep at the way politicians manipulate the masses at different stages of history of the country

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