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Producer- Bhushan Kumar and Monisha Advani

Director- Milap Milan Zhaveri

Star Cast- John Abraham, Divya Khosla Kumar, Anuup Sonii, Gautami Kapoor and Harsh Chhaya and Rajendra Gupta

Genre- Action packed

Platform- Theatrical

Rating- *1/2

Clichéd Hotch Potch!


Om a desperate bid to survive at the box office, writer-director Milan Milap Zhaveri has incorporated every possible masala ingredient in his latest film Satyameva Jayate 2 but unfortunately instead of entertaining the viewers, he only succeeds to a large part in alienating them by irritating them the most thanks to the repetitive cliché ridden dialogues and overpowering decimal breaking action and power packed punches.

Satya Azad (John Abraham), an upright Home Minister, wants to cleanse the country of corruption with his Anti-Corruption Bill.

However, it fails to get enough ‘Ayes’, not only from his allies, but also from his wife Vidya (Divya Khosla Kumar) a member of the Opposition, who votes ‘Nay’ in the Vidhan Sabha.

When a couple of gruesome killings take place in the city, ACP Jay Azad (John Abraham again) is brought in to nab the murderer, never mind his actual motive.

Satyameva Jayate 2 Will Be A Bigger Sequel With John Abraham & Divya Khosla In The Lead

Milap packs in everything from A to Z to see to it that his narrative is liked by the masses.

If in the earlier part, he had tackled the subject of the corruption among the cops, in this so called sequel which has only the title to indicate that it is the sequel to Satyameva Jayate,besides the menace of corruption, Milap addresses farmers’ suicides, violence against women , mass rape of women (Nirbhaya in Delhi), Lokpal Bill, the wretched business of disfiguring children and making them beg on the streets, the importance of communal harmony and religious tolerance in good measure as well.

The writer-director also makes a telling comment on today’s media and social media that focuses more on capturing news and sensationalizing on the cameras and the judicious use of smartphones, even as someone is bleeding to death on the streets in broad daylight, but goes overboard.

The less said about John Abraham, the better. Though in his films for classes he did look like he has learnt the art and craft of acting, he fails to deliver in this film in which he has not just one or two but triple roles.

While he is his usual self as vigilante, he does not at all differentiate between the roles of the old father and his two sons.

The least one expected was that the writer director should have made one wear stubble and the other sport a no mustachioed look.

Divya Khosla Kumar scores pretty well as the righteous Vidya and has a fairly prominent part to play in this otherwise out and out male-dominated movie.

But one does not at all fathom why when it comes to approving a motion passed by him as the Home Minister and disagrees and strongly opposes her husband Satya and her Minister father (Harsh Chhaya) on different issues.

Gautami Kapoor lends due support as Dadasaheb’s wife and Satya’s and Jay’s mother.

Harsh Chhaya does not suit the villain’s part and that too opposite John Abraham while Anup Soni, Zakir Hussain, Dayashankar Pandey and Saahil Vaid all have been wasted though they perform well. Rajendra Gupta , as usual, is good in the part of a revolting poor farmer.

To sum up, Milan Milap Zaveri has paid a rich personal tribute to the kind of illogical masala films which were the vogue way back in the 80’s though by any stretch of yardstick his logic boomerangs on your face unlike the films of yore.

If you like over the top action films or for that matter John Abraham in not just one or two but a ripple role, go grab a ticket for this mind-boggling senseless film immediately because take it from me, it may not run for a long time before any big ticket film releases .

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