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Producers- Kanwaljeet Matharu

Director- Kesar Matharu

Star Cast- Anup Jalota, Jasleen Matharu, Vinay Dungarpur, Mehul Vyas and Kesar Matharu

Genre- Social

OTT Platform- MXPlayer

Rating- *1/2

Trite and Illogical!

Jyothi Venkatesh

In what could be termed as one of the shoddiest films of the year when Covid 19 is looming large, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu have set out to encash in on their private moment of glory in Bigg Boss by asking Jasleen’s darling dad Kesar Matharu to not only write but also direct a film called Wo Meri Student Hai.

There is not even one single point of salvation in this film, except perhaps the bhajan singer Anup Jalota who faces the camera in a lead role and plugs the Hindi daily newspaper Navbharat Times in one scene unabashedly in what looks like product placement

Don’t ask for a plausible story in the film because the attempt is only to cash in on the so-called proximity of Anup and Jasleen when they were holed up in the Bigg Boss.

You are disappointed if you set out to see the film on MX Player that too free of charge thinking that Anup Jalota will teach his disciples including Jasleen who plays herself how to sing by belting out some melodious songs , because the film ends up neither as a romantic film or an entertainer

As far as acting is concerned, while Anup Jalota comfortably flits in and out of his character of AJ, sometimes in half pants and sometimes in sherwani and pajama ,Jasleen is just about average scares you with her act at times and frankly she has got to learn a lot about acting which is not just display of cleavage and her shapely unabashedly.

When the songs appear, to your chagrin they are not lip synched at all. Newcomer Vinay disappoints.

The less said about the fat guy playing the character of Salaam working for AJ in the film the better because with no expression, he starts mimicking the late Asit Sen.

In a bid to see to it that the budget of the tacky film is not escalated, the producers have cleverly cast new faces to play the supporting roles.

There is a fat woman who plays the role of AJ’s wife. There is also a new girl who plays the role of his daughter Baby. To add to your woes, the film also has a couple of dream sequences

Music by Jaggi Singh and Pushkar Bhaskar Pant is soothing and the song Mujhe Tumse Hua Hai Pyar sung by Anup Jalota is melodious to the core and reminds you of the situation in Padosan where Kishore Kumar sings to Sunil Dutt .

The shoddy and trite film without even an iota of logic lacks production values and but for the presence of Anup Jalota, the film which does not boast of even a single known name with the exception of Anup Jalota, would have sunk as an unbearable product