Film Review: “Crakk - Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa! – weak story and screenplay, but great action.”

Actor Vidyut Jammwal's first film as a producer, "Crakk - Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa!” which is a sports action film directed by Aditya Dutt, hit the theaters on February 23.

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Producer: Vidyut Jammwal and Abbas Sayyad

Writer: Aditya Dutt, Rehaan Khan, Mohendra Pratap Singh

Director: Aditya Dutt

Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Arjun Rampal, Nora Fatehi, Amy Jackson, Pooja Sawant, Rukmani Maitra and MC Square

Duration: 2 hours 36 minutes

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Actor Vidyut Jammwal's first film as a producer, "Crakk - Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa!” which is a sports action film directed by Aditya Dutt, hit the theaters on February 23. But the scene with which the film begins inspires children to go in the wrong direction. The interesting thing is that in Mumbai's local train, citing the law, it is written that peeping out of a moving train or taking action is a crime. But in this film produced by Vidyut Jammwal, in the initial scenes, Vidyut Jammwal himself is seen hanging from a moving train or doing action on the roof of the train...these scenes are quite long. The surprising thing is that the Censor Board has approved these scenes.

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The film starts with dangerous train action scenes. Where Siddharth aka Siddhu (Vidyut Jammwal) is seen doing action by coming out from the roof of the moving train or the door of the moving train. It is revealed that he also has a mother and father in his family. He had an elder brother Nihaal (Ankit Mohan), who went to participate in 'Maidan' sports to earn immense money. Instead of Nihaal, he returns only with a bag full of money. Instead of using it, Siddhu's parents locked the bag full of notes in the cupboard. Sidhu's parents do not want him to follow in his brother's footsteps. But Sidhu is following in his brother's footsteps. There is no ordinary stunt competition in this field, rather you have to risk your life to progress in every inning. Nihaal had lost his life in this game. Still, Siddharth was able to make his brother's dream come true one day. Without informing his parents, without a passport and visa, he reaches Poland to take part in 'Maidan', an underground extreme action sports competition run by Dev (Arjun Rampal), where Dev and Sidhu meet. After the first race ends, Sidhu learns that Dev is responsible for his brother Nihaal's death. Now Sidhu's objective becomes to take revenge from Dev for his brother's death. To fulfill this objective, he gets the support of Patricia Novak (Amy Jackson). Many events change rapidly.

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This film with a very weak story and screenplay has excellent action scenes. There are many loopholes in the story. The team of writers has included in it the emotion of losing a brother along with deadly stunts, Sidhu's romance with social media influencer Alia (Nora Fatehi), and much has been crammed in at a very superficial level, including the side-track adventures of plutonium and the nuclear bomb. The dialogues are also poor and have double meanings. Vidyut Jammwal has challenged himself and taken the level of his action to a different limit. All the action and stunts are extraordinary. But the audience does not like to spend their hard-earned money just to watch the action. Secondly, we would not want any person or teenage boy to even try to do such action scenes.

Action choreographer Kerry Gregg has given some good sequences in the film.



Vidyut Jammwal disappoints in the role of Siddharth Dixit, it is foolish to expect acting from him except in action scenes. He is seen everywhere in his usual taper style. Arjun Rampal in the role of Dev has done complete justice to the character. Amy Jackson looks good in the role of police officer Patricia. Nora Fatehi is not very strong in the role of an influencer, she just looks beautiful.

-Shantiswarup Tripathi

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