The film "Lakhmipur Ke Lukkhe" is an inspirational story of Deshraj Saurot, a youth from Haryana who pursued his dream of becoming an actor

Deshraj started as a writer in Delhi and eventually became a writer, producer, director, and actor in his film

The movie features a talented cast including Deshraj Sarot, Gulshan Walia, and Mamta Soni, with shooting locations in Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh

"Lakhmipur Ke Lukkhe" aims to convey a social message and discourage young people from falling into bad habits

The film's music is composed by Naresh Karwala, with lyrics by Satish Atri, choreography by Raju Naidu, and cinematography by RK. Das.

Deshraj has also completed shooting for his second film, "Shaapmukti," in which he plays the lead role

The film is produced under the banner of Daksh Entertainment, focusing on engaging the youth in positive activities

Deshraj's journey from a farmer's family in Palwal to a multi-faceted role in the film industry showcases the determination and passion of aspiring actors