Malhar Movie Review: Malhar's story will touch your heart

The film starts on a strong note, with a cemetery scene that seamlessly leads into a fun adventure of two young boys, Javed (Vinayak Potdar) and Bhairav (Srinivas Pokale).

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Malhar Movie Review
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Film: Malhar
Cast: Srinivas Pokale, Vinayak Potdar, Sharib Hashmi, Anjali Patil, Rishi Saxena
Direction: Vishal Kumbhar
Duration: 1 hour 43 minutes
Language: Hindi
Rating: 3.5


The film starts on a strong note, with a scene in a graveyard, which seamlessly leads into a fun adventure of two young boys, Javed (Vinayak Potdar) and Bhairav (Srinivas Pokale). Javed and Bhairav are best friends. Bhairav has a hearing problem so he wears a hearing aid. Once the aid gets damaged, the story revolves around their struggle to buy the aid again. The second story is of Kesar who is recently married to the village sarpanch's son Laxman. Her in-laws are constantly cursing her as she is not getting pregnant even after several days of marriage. Meanwhile, she meets Mohan (Sharib Hashmi) and the story takes a big twist when Javed's sister, Jasmine (Akshata Acharya), pursues a blossoming romance with Jatin (Mohammad Samad), while Kesar (Anjali Patil) struggles with the burden of social expectations as the infertile daughter-in-law of the village sarpanch. The story depicts the struggle of their meeting and its consequences. Malhar is a wonderful mixture of these three stories and all these stories are deeply connected and are from the same village.

Malhar Movie Review: Vishal Kumbhar Weaves An Intricate Tale Of Friendship, Love And Societal Pressures | Times Now


Srinivas Pokale and Vinayak Potdar have great chemistry as real-life best friends in the film Malhar. Their portrayal of innocence, mischief, and unwavering loyalty is heartwarming. Sharib Hashmi has also impressed in the role of Mohan. Not only this, Sharib Hashmi shines as the noisy vendor and self-proclaimed tour guide Mohan, his broken English provides comic relief. Srinivas Pokale, Rishi Saxena, Mohammad Samad, and Akshata Acharya have also given amazing performances in the film. Director Vishal Kumbhar has skillfully woven three different stories into a coherent narrative. Each story is different in itself, yet they all resonate in perfect harmony. Writer-director Vishal Kumbhar and co-writer Apoorva Patil are excellent at balancing heartwarming moments with poignant realities.

Sharib Hashmi is the son of popular film journalist Z.A Johar

Let us tell you that Sharib Hashmi's father ZA Johar was a senior film journalist of Mayapuri. Who worked for Mayapuri magazine till his last breath. His son Sharib Hashmi is an actor, writer, producer and director who works in Hindi cinema. He is known for playing the role of JK Talpade in the Amazon Prime Video series The Family Man (2019–2021), for which he won several awards including the Filmfare OTT Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

When Sharib Hashmi buried his dream of becoming an actor

Sharib Hashmi - IMDb

Sharib Hashmi decided to try his hand at acting quite late. Explaining the reason for this, he said, 'I wanted to become an actor since childhood but I felt that my personality was not that of an actor. I had seen actors closely, all of them were tall and beautiful and I had a complex about my height for a long time, so I buried my dream of becoming an actor. But when I started writing for TV channels, they started making me act. When we used to make funny, comedy shows, they would say you do this role, do its dubbing and I used to enjoy that a lot. Our show which made people scapegoats became a big hit. This is how I came into acting. It took me a lot of time to overcome the complexity of my looks and decide that this is what I want to do, but when this confidence came, it was a tremendous feeling that I have so much talent that all my other shortcomings can be hidden.

By: Asna Zaidi

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