Patna Shukla Film Review: Raveena Tandon's Brilliant Acting

There is nowhere else as much corruption as there is in the education world in India. Leaking of question papers even before the exam, changing of mark sheet after the exam, etc. have become common.

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Patna Shukla Film Review

Rating: Three stars

Producer: Arbaaz Khan Production

Author: Vivek Budakoti

Director: Vivek Budakoti

Cast: Raveena Tandon, Satish Kaushik, Anushka Kaushik, Manav Vij, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Jatin Goswami, Raju Kher,

Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

OTT Platform: Disney plus Hotstar

There is nowhere else as much corruption as there is in the education world in India. Leaking of question papers even before the exam, changing of mark sheet after the exam, etc. have become common. Yes! When a girl studies hard day and night, barely pays the college and examination fees, takes the exam, and is satisfied that she will get more than sixty percent marks, but for the sake of some politician, her mark sheet is changed and she is declared failed. No one thinks what will happen to that girl. The Vice Chancellor of the University, instead of feeling ashamed after committing such an act, is bent upon proving the girl to be a liar and dishonest person through a lawyer in the court, then only a victim can understand what would have gone through the teenage mind. Filmmaker Vivek Budakoti has brought the answer in his courtroom drama-based film "Patna Shukla", which is streaming on 'Disney Plus Hotstar' from March 29.


Tanvi Shukla (Raveena Tandon), a lawyer by profession, is living a happy life with her engineer husband Siddharth (Manav Vij). She takes care of every need of her husband Siddharth and son Sonu. She does not shy away from delivering tiffin by running behind her son's school van on her scooty. She is a lawyer in the Sessions Court of Patna, but being a woman, no one, including her husband as well as her husband's friends, respects her law degree. They also find strange cases. She makes good sweet laddus, which even judge Arun Jha is happy eating. One day, after being declared failed by the university, Rinki Kumari (Anushka Kaushik), a third-year B.Sc. student, approaches Tanvi with a request to fight her case. Rinki believes that she should have got sixty-five percent marks. Rinki claims that the university has changed her mark sheet. Bihar University re-evaluates the exam papers but does not allow her to open the exam papers. Tanvi supports Rinki in her confidence and determination to get justice and works day and night to win her case. After that, many dark truths of corruption come to light in the temple of education. Tanvi has to fight inside the court with a very big lawyer (Chandan Roy Sanyal) and outside the court with the election contesting son of a famous politician (Jatin Goswami). At the same time, some powerful politicians create such problems for Tanvi and her husband Siddharth that instead of fighting the case, Tanvi adopts a compromising stance. Now to know what Tanvi and Rinki do, one must watch the film.


News of corruption or scams are common in the education world. The writers could not do a good job of making a courtroom drama on this. This topic is very important and connected with every human being, everyone is fighting against corruption. Despite this, there is no sharp edge in the author's writing. This film is not able to impact the hearts and minds of the audience the way it should have. There is a lack of dialogue in the entire film which attacks the scam. The entire film progresses in a very simple manner. The film is focused on Patna, Bihar, but the filmmakers could not take care of the language. The entire film is full of melodramatic scenes. I wish the writer had worked hard on writing the screenplay. Some interesting scenes should have been created by moving aside some of the scenes in the beginning. The last twenty minutes of the film are pretty solid. The climax of the film is also tremendous. Vivek Budakoti should be praised as a writer. It should have been tightened on the editing table.


Raveena Tandon's acting in the role of Tanvi Shukla is very natural. She not only lives her character but her acting shines even more in emotional scenes. As soon as the late Satish Kaushik, who was an expert in comedy, comes on screen, many old memories get refreshed. Anushka Kaushik has been successful in leaving a mark with her acting in the role of Rinki Kumari, a student and rickshaw puller's daughter. Other supporting actors like Jatin Goswami, Manav Vij, and Raju Kher elevate the film just by their presence.

-Shantiswarup Tripathi

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