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Rishi Kapoor’s Taareef For Sara Ali Khan For Her Airport-Wali Tehzeeb 

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Chaitanya  Padukone

The outspoken Rishi ‘Chintz’ Kapoor has always  panned or called out in general, the tradition of Bollywood celebs arriving at the Mumbai airport terminal and exiting who indulge in wearing ‘dark-glasses’, to conceal their identity. At the same  time, the articulate Rishi did not hold back his spontaneous appreciation, when actress Sara Ali Khan ( daughter of  eminent actor Nawab Saif Ali Khan) arrived at the Mumbai airport from Lucknow and was spotted  pushing her own baggage-trolley as she proceed towards the exit doors. Moreover she was not sporting any sun-glasses and was clad in a simple yet elegant outfit minus the sartorial frills. Veteran yet evergreen Rishi tweeted, “  Wonderful Sara. You set examples how Celebrities should behave at the airport. No harm at all tugging your own baggage, no chamchas to receive and the icing on the cake! No dark glasses or an airport look. You show confidence with no insecurities. Atta girl ! ”.

The  charismatic ‘Simmba’ girl (Sara)  has proved time and again with her airport-wali looks and tameez-tehzeeb, that true star-quality is being ‘grounded’ and not ‘flying high’. Kudos also to Sara’s actress-mom Amrita Singh for the  right up-bringing.

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