Riya Sharma and Ishaan Dhawan participate in intense workshops to get into the skin of their characters for Sony SAB’s romantic drama Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare

Riya Sharma as Tara and Ishaan Dhawan as Dhruv from Sony SAB's Dhruv Tara

~ The show premieres on 20th February, airing Monday to Saturday 8 PM ~


Celebrating the feeling of love, Sony SAB’s highly anticipated romantic drama, “Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare,” is set to premiere on February 20th at 8PM. The lead actors of the show, Riya Sharma and Ishaan Dhawan, who play Tara and Dhruv respectively, are courting audiences with their sizzling onscreen chemistry. The show follows the story of two diverse personalities belonging to two different eras, whose paths meet as they navigate a relationship across the boundaries of time.


Riya and Ishaan are often seen rehearsing and practicing together on the set, which helps them get to know each other better and develop a bond which reflects so effortlessly on screen. They have also been through extensive workshops that have helped them bring a new intensity to their performances. The actors are leaving no stone unturned to make audiences fall in love with the concept of ‘love’ through the show. The workshops have helped Riya and Ishaan break their inhibitions and have helped them bond and get comfortable with each other. This was achieved through various exercises and activities that allowed the actors to uncover each other’s strengths as performers.


The outcome of this was a stronger and more genuine connection between the two actors that is sure to resonate with the audience. Through the workshops, Riya and Ishaan were able to complement each other on-screen, bringing out the best in each other and delivering top-notch performances. Furthermore, the outdoor schedule in Agra provided opportunities for the actors to spend more time together and become more at ease with one another. This extra bonding time is sure to translate into a charming and endearing love story on the big screen.


Riya Sharma spoke about her experiences, saying, “The workshops were a truly enlightening experience for me. I had the chance to gain insights into Ishaan’s acting techniques and focus on enhancing our on-screen chemistry. I feel incredibly lucky to have collaborated with such a talented and hardworking team. Although the workshops were demanding, they allowed us to build an endearing connection which also reflects on-screen, and we are sure they will fall in love with Dhruv and Tara.”


Adding to this, Ishaan Dhawan said, “Working with Riya was absolutely amazing, and the workshops were an integral aspect of our journey to create a fantastic show. Not only did they allow us to enhance our acting abilities, but they also helped us to build a strong bond that helped us get comfortable with each other. I am eagerly waiting for our fans to see the fruits of our labor.”


Don’t miss the premiere of Dhruv Tara- Samay Sadi Se Pare on 20th February at 8 PM, airing Monday – Saturday only on Sony SAB