Rj anmol takes hosting on indian tv a notch up, plays solo saxophone on jammin & shocks bappi da

By Team Bollyy
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Rj anmol

Jyothi Venkatesh

RJ Anmol is rocking it as the anchor of the music reality show Jammin on weekends. It is a treat for music lovers to watch him jam with legendary musicians. While, RJ Anmol is a music lover and has a deep knowledge of retro music, he has lately added another feather to his cap.

The RJ is learning to play saxophone and will also perform in the upcoming episodes of Jammin.He said, "When I was young I used to love Shammi Kapoor play the saxophone in the song O Haseenon Zulfo wali and also enjoyed listening to the instrument in Gaata rahe mera dil. I also loved listening to jazz music and Louis Armstrong songs, my father used to play them."

He added, "Three years back, I found a teacher, Mr Anand, who teaches me how to play the saxophone. It's still in the early stages but enjoy playing the instrument. Ironically, it has become a blessing now, because I got an opportunity to play it in the show, too." RJ Anmol shares how he loves playing the saxophone while his wife actress Amrita Rao cooks in the kitchen.

He said, "Music is in my blood, I breathe music everyday. I am happy that when you upgrade your skills, God gives opportunities to apply them in your career."So stay tuned and look out for RJ Anmol's rocking saxophone performance this weekend in Jammin.

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