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“Road Rash was my favourite game while growing up”, says Clutch actor Vishal Vashishtha


From being a popular face on television to playing the role of a passionate gamer in Dice Media’s ‘Clutch’- India’s first esports-based web- series, Actor Vishal Vashishtha never fails to surprise his viewers.

The first episode of Clutch was recently launched and we must admit, Vishal’s character has definitely gotten us all nostalgic and brought back some fond memories from our childhood.

Remember the time when summer vacations were all about playing games like Mario, Pac-Man, Contra, Donkey kong? I am sure everyone has a favourite.

Vishal recollects some of his childhood memories of playing video games. He says, “While growing up, Road Rash was my favourite game and I used to spend hours playing the game with my friends.

Other than Roadrash, I had no connection with gaming at all until I bagged this role to play Arun in the show.”

Every kid born in that decade will surely relate to his statement and understand why games like Road Rash or Super Mario were all-time favourites during those years.

Vishal may have no practice of gaming in real life at all, but his reel life character definitely gave him the opportunity to ace gaming again.

He adds, “The shoot for Clutch is now over, but I’ve definitely got myself hooked to playing games again.”

The much-loved actor is determined to win a million hearts in his optimistic gamer avatar in Clutch. Will he be a winner with his power-packed squad in the show or will the story take a different shape and change Arun’s life forever?

Watch Vishal Vashistha struggle through realities to pursue his dream in the all-new exciting web series “Clutch” on Dice Media’s Youtube page.

Episode 1 link:

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