Robin Sohi voices support to Preity Zinta’s harassment post: We’re human beings first and then celebrities, so would request everyone to respect and value that

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Robin Sohi

Preity Zinta recently took to social media to share about two incidents that left her “a bit shaken”, one is about a woman who planted “a big wet kiss next to” her daughter Gia’s mouth and a disabled man harassing her for money. She explained what had actually happened in both cases too. This is not the first time a celebrity has complained of harassment. Ajooni actor Robin Sohi reacts to the same. He also opines on whether it’s tough for celebrities to control fans at times and if the paparazzi make it tough for them to manage things.


“I saw the whole incident and even where a lady kissed on her child's cheek. I found this behaviour to be really inappropriate. We are actors and celebrities, which is something entirely different, but if someone hurts a child, their parents will be upset. This is exploiting a person's kindness and is completely wrong. I am aware that you are a fan, but there is a limit. This is extreme, and at times things become even worse. I've seen the entire video, and it also happened earlier. Even when we are not all that well-known, it still happens to us,” he says.

Robin shares having personally experienced similar incidents. He adds that those who are more popular, go through such things all the more.

“I completely understand. This man who harassed her, I have seen him previously in Andheri. He has problems. Therefore, if these incidents happen in front of you and you can't stop them, at least try not to laugh at it. With the celebrity photos you take, you make money. Please show some respect. Additionally, I believe Preity Zinta made the right decision, thus there is no need for criticism. She was correct, and everything about it is positive. I read the entire caption alongside watched the video she shared on Instagram. We are first and foremost human beings, and then celebrities. I would request you all to respect and value that,” he ends.

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