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Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira, Dipika Kakar Ibrahim etc grace the launch of luxury Mithai shop


Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, Parkhurst Awasthi and Gautam Rode graced the launch event of luxury Mithai shop called “Meetha by Radisson ” for their first shop coming at Radisson Goregaon held on 17th September – Jyothi Venkatesh

On gracing the launch event Keith Sequeria says,”It was nice to see a strong brand like Radisson focusing on Indian sweets and starting their own brand/ line. I have a weakness for sweets and feel food is part of what makes you smile from inside.”

Rochelle Rao on being a part of the event added,”It was really fun to be a part of a sweet brand launch because we got to eat some really yummy sweets.

I think it’s cool to see people like to take traditional desi Indian sweets and elevate it to the next level.

So it was really great to associate with this brand. It was altogether a very fun time. Looking forward to their new line of sweets they are coming up with.

Celebrity Chef Rakesh Sethi on talking about the newly launched sweet ranges says,”We have conceptualised everything according to different occasions and festivals.

The quality of ingredients is what matters to us the most as we have special hand picked ingredients.

During the Covid, when people were celebrating at home at that time we started this venture of delivering at home to spread happiness. As we know, Meetha is synonymous to celebration.”

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