Rohit Purohit opens up on being part of Yash Patnaik's Gauna- Ek Pratha

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Actor Rohit Purohit, who plays the character of Gaurav in Inspire Films Yash and Mamta Patnaik’s Gauna- Ek Pratha on Shemaroo, loves being part of the show. He says that he really associates himself with the character.

“The role of Gaurav is really special because I relate so much with him, he is a shiv bhakt, dreamer and family man, a lover and a good friend and an aspirational character. You will get to see all the emotions in this character, I think his charms, dreams and top of everything sense of responsibility resonate deeply with me. I am very excited to get this character on screen,” he says.Yash Patnaik
He adds, “I also connect to Gaurav because of his character. I come from a small city and he also hails from a small town in Bihar. He comes to Patna to chase his dreams and I can connect to that part as well.”

Talking about working with producers Yash and Mamta Patnaik, he says, “I am working for the first time with them but we have been thinking of working together for a long time.”

Meanwhile, he adds that while there are a lot of platforms today, TV has its niche. “More than TV, OTT is giving films a lot of competition. I think TV has a certain audience and they will stick to this platform no matter what. The TV industry has changed a lot. But in terms of creativity, there are good shows and there are shows with good stories but poor execution. Let's hope that TV gets some good content and people love it more,” Yash Patnaik says.

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