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Rrahul Sudhir Cycles His Way To The Sets Of Rajaa Betaa!!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Zee TV’s latest fiction offering Rajaa Betaa has been winning hearts of the audiences with Vedant (played by Rrahul Sudhir’s) endearing story of finding a sense of belonging with his foster family. The cast of the show has been shooting in the pink city, Jaipur and juggling between the show’s two sets that are a mile apart. One set is where the house is made and the other set is an outdoor set up of a jail sequence that the team is currently shooting for. But, actor Rrahul Sudhir has decided to make his commute more eco-friendly and get some exercise in the whole process … yes, the actor has been cycling his way from the guest house where the cast is put up to the sets and between the two sets every day! The fitness enthusiast Rrahul is using one of the crew members’ bicycle to commute as he believes that it’s a great alternative for gyming along with being environment friendly.Rrahul said, “There are two sets where we typically shoot at and they are just a mile apart from each other. Hence, I decided to bring cycling back into my life and use it as a mode of transport. And, it has really worked well as it keeps me both energetic and active. I have been regularly cycling for about seven to eight months and I suggest everyone should give it a shot.” Now that’s a very cool and unique way to travel, Rrahul!

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