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I remember witnessing the magic of Ranbir Kapoor for the very first time a decade ago. I was barely 13, and besides the charm this man emanates all the time, even as a teenager I was blown away by his acting skills. Big deal, right? It was and still is for me because a girl in her teens will hardly manage to look beyond those good looks. Such was this man’s acting prowess that he eventually managed to blow me away with his performance. Ranbir Kapoor, the person, can make women go weak in the knees with one stare, mind you, just one stare. The artist, Ranbir Kapoor has the ability to leave you stumped and flabbergasted with his onscreen presence. A deadly combination, eh?

Ten years into the industry, he might have made some questionable choices in his career and personal life, but he still is the one of the best we have in the country. Bollywood is blessed and so are we! The fact of the matter is, in Ranbir Kapoor’s acting career a bad performance doesn’t exist, but we can’t say the same about his choice of films. Keeping the latter in mind, we have curated a list of the Worst to Best of RK on his 34th birthday.

12. After a two-year long hiatus, RK returned to the big-screen with THIS film. Why did he do this to himself? Only he knows.

11. Must have taken a lot of courage to complete this film because I am sure mid-way he must have realised his mistake. Nonetheless, for as long as he’s learned from them.

10. I can’t forget the torture this film was and Ranbir Kapoor as the stutterer got my blood boiling.

9. The film was unbearable indeed and though Ranbir Kapoor did the best he could for his first film, he went on to prove that he could do much better.

8. With portrayal of Bunny, Ranbir Kapoor gave us that one guy we’d want to dislike but can’t. He was good but was he good enough?

7. Ranbir Kapoor was in his comfort zone with this one but of course he did a phenomenal job! He almost always does.

6. One of the most nuanced performances of his life. Ayaan Mukherjee is his best friend indeed because he does bring out the best in him!

5. Tamasha couldn’t have been made without Ranbir Kapoor. He lived the role of Ved and every single time you watch the film, you fall more in love with Ranbir Kapoor, the actor.

4. Ranbir Kapoor in a shady avatar would still look as endearing and alluring is something I figured out only after watching Rajneeti. I managed to dislike Samar Pratap. It isn’t easy to do that when your favourite actor is playing the character.

3. The most underrated performance of his career, but perhaps one of the best. Ranbir Kapoor will leave you shell-shocked with his portrayal of Rocket Singh. He’s shinning in every single frame.

2. Only sometimes in life you get to witness something phenomenal and Ranbir’s performance in Rockstar was one of those times.

1. In a talk about the most memorable performances in the History of Indian Cinema, Barfi! will always make it to the list, be it a decade from now or a century after. And we have Ranbir Kapoor to thank for it.

Wishing our favourite a very happy birthday! Hope he continues to enlighten the world with his acting prowess and light up our lives with his presence in general!

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