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Sabse Smart Kaun? This is what Ravi Dubey Thinks!

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Ravi Dubey who is all set to launch his upcoming show on STAR Plus, Sabse Smart Kaun? talks about Sargun Mehta being the smarter one and how he is always dependent on her for decisions. 

Sabse Smart Kaun? is a show that brings together common families without discriminating them basis their social status, education or demographic to answer questions based on common sense. Excited about hosting the show, Ravi says, “I think this game show is really different as it will test everyone’s common sense. I think my wife, Sargun Mehta, is a very smart person. I know I can trust her decisions blindly.” 

If there was ever a competition between Ravi and Sargun, he is sure that Sargun will win, hands-down!

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