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Sachin Gears Up For Family Time This Birthday! 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Family time is on actor Sachin Parikh’s mind. The actor, who will soon turn a year older, will have a working birthday but plans to end the day with a nice family dinner. “I will be busy shooting for my ongoing daily TV show so I don’t know whether I will get a whole day off. But yes, at least, I will make sure I go for a nice dinner with my family. Every birthday I sit in front of my mom’s photograph and talk to her since and she showers her blessings from right up there. Unfortunately last year, her sister and my masi passed away on my birthday itself. I was very close to her as well.”Unlike many, the actor has no qualms turning older. “I had too many responsibilities at a very early age in my life, when I was just 17-18 years. So today, definitely age is just a number when it comes to maturity. But yes every phase and age of your life is a new learning experience. We just need to enjoy the process and be prepared for all the ups and downs in life with a smile on our faces. That’s what I try to do and pray to God to give me strength face all the challenges which come,” he says.Talking about his birthday memories, he says, “My toy car which was gifted by my mom and dad when I was 5 years old was my favourite birthday gift ever. I still remember I used to be a rash driver back then but now in reality, I am a very good driver!”Sachin is no big on gifting himself on his birthday. “Being a self-made man, I always have earned and lived myself and whatever I buy with my own money is a gift to me. I want to gift myself more determination, patience and wisdom to grow further in life,” he says.

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