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“Sajeev Pillai, Who Was Directing Mamangam Earlier Had To Be Replaced By M. Padma Kumar Halfway Through”, Guffaws Mammootty


Jyothi Venkatesh

“It has been around 38 years since I had started acting in Malayalam films after quitting my career as a lawyer. We could not manage to get the film also dubbed in Kannada and release it in Karnataka because by the time we were into dubbing the film, the rule that any film cannot be dubbed in Kannada and released had not come in to force and hence we are releasing Mamangam only in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada, besides Malayalam. M. Padma Kumar has directed the film Mamangam.  It is true that half way through the making of the film, Sajeev Pillai, the director had to be replaced and we had to replace him with M. Padmakumar though honestly we have not retained anything that the earlier director Sajeev Pillai had shot. The earlier filmmaker had even gone to court challenging the decision of the producer to remove him and continue the film with another director but that chapter is now behind us. When filmmaking by itself is a very risky job, it is not at all a big deal to face challenges.” guffaws Mammootty. Incidentally, Mohan Sharma, who had shot to fame with the Malayalam film Chattakkari as Laxmi’s leading man in the same role in which Vikram was cast in its Hindi remake Julie, is also cast in a pivotal role in  Mamamgam as Zamorin

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