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Salman Khan Expresses Melancholy Over Not Being Resiprocated Appropriately For Love And Respect He Gives.

In a Random Interview During Race 3 Promotions Salman Expresses His Personal Griviences


Salman Khan seemed really upset about not receiving the same love and respect that he gives. Salman is a man of  his morals but his morals and values don’t seem to be working in his favor.

In an Interview talking about 30 years of his career and if he has any enemies in the industry, Salman told DNA “I don’t have enemies. It’s just that I don’t like a few people. It’s very obvious because I make no bones about it. Just because someone is born a few years before me, it’s no reason for me to respect him. If that person keeps on disrespecting me or any member of my family, I refuse to give him due regard. There are one or two families from whom I have not got that respect and love. That’s where it ends. Some people from the industry will never be welcomed in my home, I definitely believe that whether someone is a senior or a junior, you shouldn’t be disrespectful to them. Especially, if you are working with them. However, if that person is taking you for an idiot and is being disrespectful, then that’s not Salman further added.

If reports by India TV are to be believed, Salman is pointing fingers at Rishi Kapoor, as the veteran actor got in a heated Argument with Salman’s sister during Sonam Kapoor’s reception. Dissapointed with Salman’s behaviour, Rishi Kapoor went to Seema Khan and had a heated argument with her.  Neetu Kapoor later said sorry for Rishi’s approach.

The actor is quiet busy with his Film; Race 3 promotions and with Da- Bangg Tour in line hope his anger subsides soon.

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