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Salman Khan's derogatory remarks!


Salman Khan is controversies most favourite child. He is often surrounded by controversies for his statements. His die-hard fans are often seen defending his distasteful statements calling him naive, man-child, or a man with golden heart. The actor has a foundation named Being Human, but at times he himself forget to be human.

Recently during the promotion of Race 3Salman Khan fat shammed a 42-year-old lady. The actor was on dance reality show along with Jacqueline Fernandez to promote his upcoming movie where he passed crude remarks on a 42-year-old lady’s weight, thinking it was funny. The lady seemed oblivious to Khan’s insult as he was happy meeting her idol Madhuri Dixit Nene.

The lady, Meenal Dhapre was humiliated by Salman Khan when she requested to hug Madhuri after her performance, but it was taken as entertainment. Salman said; “Araam araam se kahin stage na toot jaaye” (Careful, the stage might break). Dhapre after hugging Madhuri returned towards the stage, lost balance and fell down.

When Meenal performed, Salman stood close to the stage and at the end of the act remarked, “Main wahan isliye khada tha ki aap kahin phir se tappa khaaker gir gaye toh?” Salman compared Meenal to a ball, and again made some below the belt remark. The audience was seen laughing to this distasteful remark.

Salman also asked Meenal if she knew Madhuri earlier, to which Meenal excitedly refused and said that she belonged to a ‘Chota Shehar’ (Small Town) to which actor asked if she could fit in there, passing another lewd remark.

Salman Khan is fitness freak even at the age of 50, still, he has no right to fat-shame someone. Tell us in the comment section below if you also think Salman Khan’s remarks are derogatory.

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