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Salman Khan questions the housemates on Vidhi Pandya’s eviction, and says she made a good bond with everyone


When in the “Bigg Boss” house expect the unexpected, and what came as a big shock to the contestants last week was when “Bigg Boss” asked the housemates to name two contestants whose contribution is nil in the fifteenth season of the show – Jyothi Venkatesh

Quite surprisingly the inmates took Vidhi Pandya’s name as one of the two contestants who had not contributed anything to the show so far.

Though Karan Kundra tried that the jungle waasis become a majority and evict two mutually, it came down to the contribution part.

While taking her name, some called Vidhi as their sister, some as the most trustworthy person and some as a good friend, but even after making so many relationships in the house, Vidhi was the one who had to exit the main gate.

Well, on the Weekend ka Vaar host and superstar Salman Khan brought up the topic and said, “Only one girl in the house formed good relationships with everyone in the house and nobody had anything bad to say about Vidhi, not even a single negative comment against her and you guys voted her out of the house thinking she has not contributed anything to the game.

You guys yourself know that it’s so difficult to create a good relationship in the house and only she was able to do it.”

Vidhi’s eviction was truly a shocking one especially when she was on good terms with everyone. And it’s not that she did nothing.

The contestants might have forgotten how she made a point when Afsana Khan supported the main house contestants in the first week and how she took a stand for herself when Pratik removed the lock from the washroom when she was taking a shower.

Also, she fought like a tigress whenever a task was announced, be it taking the pieces of the map from the store room or the sugarcane juice task. But the audience saw it all and were quite disappointed with her unfair eviction.

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