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“This character is beautiful even without a heroine” says Salman Khan… By Lipika Varma


“Antim the Final Truth”…starring Salman Khan Ayush Sharma helmed by director/actor Mahesh Manjrekar scheduled to release in theatres on 26th November.

The intriguing story that seemingly appears from the trailer is the formidable rivalry between gangsters played by Ayush Sharma and a stern cop Salman Khan. The face off in the climax will be waiting to watch for Salman fans.

Salman Khan answers media queries in a press gathering

Ask Salman if Ayush [brother in law] had the pressures of matching up with Salman?

Pat comes a favourable reply,” I had an advantage of age and experience. He had the advantage of enthusiasm four months ahead of me.

I had started the body shot just 1 and half month before . I thought it would get postponed, if he would not be able to handle those 4 days so I would have had to shoot in those 4 days. [laughs]

Adding further about Ayush’s excitement that he couldn’t hold Salman informs,” Ayush has always been very impatient as he was eager to know when the film would be released etc.

However, I have two brothers-in-law, Atul Agnihotri who is not impatient at all. He maintains his cool in every given situation.

Salman who has extra love for kids is very happy with Ayush from the time he got married to his younger sister Arpita,” We were happy with the product when my sister got married to him. We are also happy with the production-[Kids] Ahil and Ayat.

You play a cop. How different is it compared to other cops’ characters that he has played earlier, an intense serious like the cop you played in,”Garv”?

Yes it is an intense story and the role of a cop here is very intense. However, the cop I played in,” Dabanng” Radhe” was different.

This one is a serious cop like Arjun Ranawat [Garv] and balances well with heart & mind both together in tandem. He manages to do things his way working with strong dedication of coz.

Adding playing a sardar the second time he clarifies,” I played sardar in, “Hero” long time ago.”

This character I am playing in Antim”I had to give my best. Actually any characters you play you have to be dedicated and play with a pure careful with dedication giving your best.

Not many know,”Antim” was to be released on OTT but now it will be releasing in theatres.

“Yes since there wasn’t any surety about theatres opening anytime soon. We were planning an OTT release. It was beneficial for OTT release also.

Since theatres have opened, we took this decision and are happy that the audiences will once again after almost 2 years, will enjoy watching films in theatres’ am sure audiences must have got duly vaccinated and thus they will like to watch the film in theatres.

There is no comparison and alternative watching a film in theatres as it gives an exciting, interesting and a good feel when you watch the film in theatres.

Last but not the least why is this Sardar [Salman] having no female actor opposite him?

Actually, we thought it over .However, this character is a much better character on its own .

We didn’t wish to dilute the character romancing around. This character is beautiful even without a heroine.

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