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The great Albert Einstein once said, “A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for”. Well, there’s no denying that experimentation is the name of the game but unfortunately not all experiments work out when one expects them to. And Bollywood mega star Salman Khan must’ve learnt that recently, the hard way.

Bhaijaan’s big Eid 2017 release Tubelight failed to impress the audiences who were left disappointed and ended up fusing out at the box-office. This led to massive unexpected losses to film distributors who apparently were left with no other option than to plead to Salman to refund their money. Trade analyst Komal Nahta had taken to Twitter to reveal the same.

Finally, putting all the rumours to rest, it has now been confirmed by ANI that Salman will now be shelling out ₹55 crores to cover up for the losses faced by the distributors.

Well, that is indeed a sweet gesture on Salman’s part! Man with a heart of gold, indeed.