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Salman khan trolled ruthlessly for race 3 song

'Allah Duhai Hai' considered as the 'bad song of the year'

Upcoming action flick Race 3 has been gaining massive attention on social media and has been trolled recklessly for their super-hit song Allah Duhai Hai where some consider it to be ‘the bad song of the year’ some are comparing it with Dhinchak Pooja’s Selfie Meine Leli.
Race 3 is the third instalment of race franchise with Salman Khan in the lead after Saif Ali Khan who was in the lead for the last two sequels expecting to hit the box office again this time. However, this time the upcoming songs of the film are trolled massively by netizens and people have flooded the internet with hilarious comments.
Though after  Daisy Shah’s business dialogue that was been trolled the songs have again made the headlines and is gaining quite a good attention for the netizens.


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