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Samar’s Dramatic Griha- Pravesh At Jaya’s Maayke In Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo


Sony Entertainment Television’s Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo is gearing up for a lot of drama. The show protagonist Namish Taneja who plays Samar will do a griha- pravesh at his wife Jaya’s (Srishti Jain) maayke. This is for a first time on Indian Television that a groom will enter his wive’s house with proper traditions and rituals.

In the current track, the viewers will see that Jaya has returned to her maayka (maternal house) after a major fight with Samar. Jaya’s mother Satya Devi (Neelu Waghela) asks for a divorce from the Surana family. Samar tries his level best to win back Jaya, but all his efforts goes in vain. To get her wife back, Samar comes up with an idea of doing a grand griha-pravesh at Jaya’s maayke and teach Satya Devi a lesson. The viewers will see a grand griha-pravesh of Samar with band and bajaa, which comes as a shock for the whole Sharma family.

Namish Taneja aka Samar, “The viewers should now be ready for a lot of twists and turns in the track. A groom doing griha-pravesh at the bride’s house is something that the viewers might have not seen till now on Indian television. Now since Samar wants Jaya in his life, he is not leaving any stone unturned to impress her and win her back with his unconditional love. I am sure everyone is surely going to love this track and the small tussle between the Jamai and the Saasu maa.”

Tune into Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo from Monday to Friday at 8.30 only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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