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“Sambhav Jain From Delhi Boy To Gullyboy”


Sambhav Jain has a huge fan moment with his first film; he got an opportunity to work with Ranveer Singh in Gully Boy. It was dream come true since Ranveer Singh has been his idol & always wanted to follow his footsteps in Bollywood. The kind of work Ranveer Singh has done is phenomenal and all young budding actors dream to be like him.

 Sambhav Jain who arrived in Mumbai just three years back. When you see his picture, one can instantly connect with the familiar face in several ads on TV. Having done over 50 TVC Sambhav Jain is rightly humming –APNA TIME AEYEGA.

He was in the blockbuster & Oscar bound film “Gully Boy” and while nation went crazy rapping apna time aaeyga , Sambhav too patiently waited for his time. His scenes with Ranveer Singh did not make it to the final print and met their date with edits scissors.   Zoya Akhtar did not let him down; she kept her word and recently released the unused part on their official page. Sambhav who originally auditioned for Salman’s character and also short listed for the role, but as the luck would have it director Zoya Akhtar found him too young for the role. Therefore, she gave him a role of a Bandra boy representing the elite class that looked down on the Dharavi rapper. A small part but Sambhav comes across as a very natural actor & will see lot more of this actor in future.

When we asked Sambhav about this, he reveals “Zoya is extremely polite kind and very professional. It was very humbling to see her kindness for a newcomer like me. I have huge respect for her. it matters to a new comer like me.”

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