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Samir Soni Defends Friend Karan Oberoi Who Has Been Charged With Rape


Jyothi Venkatesh

Samir Soni, who worked with actor Karan Oberoi in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nai, extends his support in the wake of rape accusations against the latter. The actor says that he knows Karan and doesn’t feel he would have taken this drastic step.”Karan Oberoi is a very nice and a sweet guy, we have a few common friends. I know him and he is from a fairly well off family and when I read about the case I thought that it was out of the question,” he says, adding, “The Karan Oberoi I know is a very sweet guy. Why would he go to such an extent? Someone can be a little flirtatious but doing something like this is out of the question. I believe the guy and this is a desperate message to everyone jumping on the bandwagon, believing that if it is said then it must be true, to hang on and wait for the facts to emerge. Sometimes what happens is when a relationship doesn’t work out people get vindictive and they try to take revenge. Just because a couple of men are like that doesn’t mean every man is like that.” The actor, who is a part of SOTY 2, urges people to not malign others’ names using movements like #metoo, a movement by women wherein they reveal the name of the person who sexually harassed them and their story.  “I think when #Metoo came, although it was a genuine thing, some people took advantage of that. This was a counterpoint to the movement and it should not be ignored. When #metoo came, people weren’t checking facts and truth. I remember saying this on one show that the fear of people misusing this, this a sheer due of the power is given to a person, and the solution is that before you get on to a conclusion, you need to check everything,” he says.He adds, “I am not saying Me Too movement is a bad thing but yes with great power comes great responsibility, you will accuse somebody and you will get sympathy from people but you will be responsible for that person’s family too, if you are lying.”The actor concludes by saying that men cannot be wrong all the time. “Whenever you have a small doubt, you take the girl’s side. The fact of the matter really is in this industry and most of the women will agree to this, that there will be some men and women who would like to get closer to people in power like writers, directors, so that they can get a pass and get their work done. When it doesn’t happen, they will go against the person saying this happened and that happened. We should not be too quick to judge men only,” he says

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