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Sana Makbul Khan Is All Set To Spend Her Birthday With Poor Kids Today!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Sana Makbul Khan, who turns a year older today, is celebrating the day with her family. Talking about the celebration, she says, “I was supposed to go to London for the World Cup since it was falling on my birthday, but unfortunately or luckily God has gifted me my show, Vish and I have to be here in Mumbai. It’s just going to be a small scene with friends and family,” she says.

The actor views growing old as getting more experienced. “Over a period of time, I have learned my way. I was a girl, then I became a woman and now I am like a lady. A woman has a lot of phases to see in life and I think I have grown over the years. I still feel that I am a little immature as I still sometimes take hasty decisions and panic a lot, so I think that I should be of my age,” she says.

Talking about her most memorable birthdays, she says, “All of my birthdays have been special. I loved partying since my childhood days as having a party was the only reason that I got gifts. This time I am not going to party but I have told everyone, even the people on my set, that I don’t care if you give me a one rupee chocolate but you have to give me something.” And what would she like to give herself? “Every year I have gifted something to myself, as every year I like to do a little bit of savings from my income and I gift myself. This year I am gifting myself a diamond ring. This year I want to do some charity too as I am not throwing a party and my gift is very expensive for myself. This year I would like to feed the poor kids and just do a small celebration with them.”

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