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Sandeep Sharma on his character in Swaran Ghar: I just love being Nakul on screen… his shades, moods and characteristics allow me to explore much as an actor


Sandeep Sharma aka Nakul of Swaran Ghar feels that the name of the show is beautiful and apt for the concept. He explains that Swaran Ghar means ‘A Golden home’ that is emotionally, financially healthy and happy – JYOTHI VENKATESH

But when tragedies strike, how the inmates deal with it. The show is being produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment.

“Nakul is my favourite character in Swaran Ghar, I just love being him on screen. His shades, moods, and characteristics are just amazing. There is so much to do and explore as an actor here.

I feel connected with Nakul, many times while acting, I realized that I have used many of his dialogues in real life too,” he adds. The content of Swaran Ghar is different.

Sandeep opines, “It’s fresh and relatable. This show throws light on the perceptions of both parents and kids, explores different layers of their beautiful relationship along with all ups and downs.”

The show is high on emotion and drama with regard to interpersonal relationships in the family. “Relationships of among children and their parents are always precious but complex as well. The generation gap brings so much confusion and differences,” he says.

The actor also feels the current generation deals very differently with parents compared to how it was earlier.

“That is because lifestyle and living ideologies, choices, expectations and priorities of both generations have changed a lot. Probably the reason why stories on parent-child relationships are evergreen and so much can be explored around it,” he adds.

Sharing his experience with team Dreamiyata, he says, “There is a feel-good factor, and the best part is both of our producers Ravi and Sargun are, actors, first and therefore they understand us better. They are very positive, passionate, and dedicated towards our show, and always spread healthy vibes.”

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