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Sandiip Sikcand On A Roll, Announces A Telugu Show As Producer

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Creative director, Producer, and actor Sandiip Sikcand seems to be on a roll!  His upcoming show as a producer, Kahan Hum Kahan Tum is garnering a lot of media attention and already being touted as a hit!  Kavach 2 has also been a part of the news and limelight recently, which also falls under Sandiip’s kitty as he is the creative director on the show.  And now we hear that Sandiip has one more show launching also this month, and this time around its his first non-Hindi show.  Sandiip reveals, “We are entering the Telugu market for the first time with a show called Gorintaku.  It’s an unconventional love story about The story is about a girl who does not want to get married and she eventually meets the local goon and a strange bond develops between them – would this blossom into love or is there a secret that the girl is hiding from the world.”  Speaking about the market down South, Sandiip says, “South has a very loyal entertainment audience.  In fact, South films and stories have always fascinated me and I love the stories they make. This is my small baby step into the Telugu market and I have a feeling soon I will be producing a Telugu film – fingers crossed for that.  I am excited to be venturing into another language but I feel at the end of the day language is just a mode of communication.  If your story is good and you have a good package, the audience will appreciate it. Its the quality that matters at the end of the day!”

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