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Sanjay Gangani Turns Into A Punjabi Girl!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sanjay Gangnani who plays Prithvi Malhotra in Kundali Bhagya got to dress up like a Punjabi girl for a sequence. He found the hairwig too heavy and realized what women actresses’ go through daily. He says, “We took references from a few films where a male actor became a girl for the role and that’s how we assembled everything and achieved the look of a punjabi gidda dancer”. Everyone around was amused and laughed endlessly seeing him walk and dance like a girl. On being asked if he was remnided of Ayushmaan Khurana he says, “I wasn’t. I wanted it to look original and real. We took references from a few films but that was only for setting up the look. For performance, I didn’t watch or think of any other actor or a film because I believe in bringing in my own conviction because the audiences love the way Prithvi entertains them and so I wanted to live up to their expectations” He took one hour to get ready for the look. Well Sanjay it is surely worth it and we are sure your male fan following will increase!

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