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Sapna Devalkar says Qurbaan Hua producers Sonali and Amir Jaffar have set the bar high


Sapna Devalkar says the entertainment industry is like a teacher to her. It’s a place where people from all walks of life come together, share their experiences and work in tandem- Jyothi Venkatesh

Meeting different people has helped her learn a lot about life. What is more interesting is that while we all live only one life in reality, an actor gets the opportunity to live different personalities on screen. Devalkar feels proud to be a part of this world.

“And amid all the ups and downs in our lives, we provide people with some entertainment, make them happy.

What can be the better than that? We also try and convey a message through our work,” says Devalkar alia Alakananda in Qurbaan Hua.

Speaking on the character and the title of her show, the actor adds that the reason Alakananda has come closer to the audience because of the kind of person that she is. “Alakananda is a bubbly, fun loving and straightforward.

She holds God with great respect and finds happiness in everything. She is a beautiful person inside out.

I am very fond of the character, more so because of her honesty and how she nurtures relationships.

I can totally relate with her. The audience like the character. I do get compliments from admirers, family and colleagues about my performance.

The title of show is apt and impressive. It says a lot about love and the sacrifice we need to make to get something in life.

We need to give up old thing and accept the new. Life is all about that balance,” she says. The character mentions Sonali and Amir Jaffar of Full House Media, producers of Qurbaan Hua, the reason behind the success of the show.

“This is the first time I’m working with Sonali ma’am and Amir sir, and I must say that they have set the bar high.

Wherever I go next, whoever I would work with I would expect a similar wonderful experience that I am enjoying now.

They are kinds, supportive and takes good care of everyone. The team makes sure to make your journey a memorable one,” she sounds satisfied.

With coronavirus again spreading like wildfire leading to the second wave, we ask Devalkar if she is apprehensive stepping out to shoot and her opinion on the yet again lockdown scenario.

“We need to understand the gravity of the situation and act responsibly. We are going through DIFFICULT times.

The government makes rules in our interest, so we should follow those norms properly and take care of ourselves, our families and friends. We need to come together in our fight against Covid-19,” she ends.