Saptrishi Ghosh on playing a cop in Victor Mukherjee’s Hindi directorial Lakadbaggha: I can never say no to him

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Saptrishi Ghosh on playing a cop in Victor Mukherjee’s Hindi directorial Lakadbaggha: I can never say no to him

Saptrishi Ghosh is all keyed up about playing a cop in Lakadbaggha. The film is set in Kolkata and directed by Victor Mukherjee. This is not the first time that Saptrishi has collaborated with the filmmaker. He talks about the association, his role, prep and more.

“I’ve worked with Victor Mukherjee a couple of times before for the web series on Zee 5 Babbar Ka Tabbar and Love Lust & Confusion both seasons of both the web shows. He is a good friend, and we have a mutual admiration club. He called me one evening and told me about the film he is making and he wants me to play the cop Saptrishi Mukherjee in this Kolkata based story. So initially, I was apprehensive,” he says.


Only after hearing a brief narration that Saptrishi said yes to the project. “I can never say no to him. Also, this is not my film debut per se, because I have already worked in Aligarh, even though it was a very small role. I was being told something, but it turned out to be something else. I actually started my career with Amrita, way back in 1998-1999. That was technically my first movie. Then I did a Bengali movie, Shotti Ei Toh Jibon, where I played the son of Victor Banerjee and Moushumi Chatterjee. So yes, this is not my debut as such in a Hindi film. But, if you consider it in the terms of a full-fledged role, then yes it’s a debut of sorts,” he adds.

Talking about his role in Lakadbaggha, the actor says that the character did not require much. He did ask the director if a certain kind of body language or a tone is required and accordingly worked on it.

“Victor, in fact, told me that he wants me to keep it as natural as possible. In fact, this cop was slightly different because he's different. Coincidentally, the name of my character also happens to be Saptrishi (laughs). I even asked Victor why he named him Saptrishi and he said that he couldn't think of any other name except this. So that’s one thing that made me comfortable,” shares the actor, who is happy to be where he is today and is enjoying his journey.

For those not in the know, Saptrishi is also a voiceover artist, and a successful one at that. However, acting has always been his first love.

Saptrishi thanks his family for their support so far. “My father, who is no longer with us, has always been supportive. I wish he could see my film this time. But then wherever he is, I'm sure he's blessing me. So, I got a job with Pepsi in Dubai and was supposed to go there when I decided to become an actor and full-fledged voice-over artist. I still remember the long discussion with dad when he told me to follow my heart and gave me his blessings. He also said that I must always remember that I don’t have any godfather. I have to do everything on my own, work hard and work on my talent and depend on my luck. He also wanted me to stay strong and not come back crying if I can’t make it. Thank God I could sail through. I probably would have been a software engineer, because that was my qualification, or maybe a marketing executive and settled in the US or UK by now. But thank God that didn't happen. I'm very happy being an artist. And when your passion is your profession, there is no looking back. So yes, it's been a fantastic journey till now, and I'm looking for great times ahead,” he ends.

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