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Jyothi Venkatesh

Parenting in a pandemic can be hard, but the best thing about lockdown is getting to spend quality time with your babies, time you might otherwise not have had. Sara Arfeen Khan shares her experience of bringing up her twin babies – Aizah and Zidane, during these strange times, while making the most of this enforced hiatus with innovative ideas and words of encouragement for other moms. Although the babies are too young to understand the crisis we are currently in, as a new mother Sara is wary and doing everything she can to keep the babies safe and in routine.

“What worried me most is the social skills of my babies being affected during this time. From the age of two months, I took my babies for activities like mum & baby yoga, swimming, and sensory classes in London and that helped their development and social skills. After I learned that this lockdown is going to extend, I took the initiative to create as much fun and learning experience at home”, tells Sara.

About Sara’s innovative ideas to keep Aizah and Zidane engaged while making sure they are learning within the four walls of the house, Sara shares, “I gathered some tools that are easily available in most houses like wooden spatulas, steel bowls, scarfs, ice, etc to improve their sensory skills and I even got a bouncy castle with a pool so they have more entertainment & keep in touch with their water skills.” Sara has even started a YouTube channel to help other moms with innovative ideas.

Offering encouragement to other moms, Sara says, “This phase is more about keeping our sanity in place rather than babies. As mother’s, we have more responsibility and must keep our mental state strong and exciting to avoid transferring our stress on to our babies. Also, it is very important to take your young’s one either in your terrace or your building garden so they have fresh air and some sun which is essential for their immunity.”

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