Savior Faire Academie of Ex Miss India Elegance Konkana Bakshi

Savior Faire Academie is a Luxury Finishing School based in Mumbai, founded by  Former Miss India Elegance Konkana Bakshi, she is the only consultant in

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Savior Faire Academie of Ex Miss India Elegance Konkana Bakshi
Savior Faire Academie is a Luxury Finishing School based in Mumbai, founded by  Former Miss India Elegance Konkana Bakshi, she is the only consultant in India to be exclusively licensed by Emily Post Institute for Business, Lifestyle, Wedding And Children’s Etiquette. 
Konkana is also a trained image consultant from London and her early education the world of etiquette started in Geneva. She is  known to be the best practicing  Image Consultant and Etiquette Educator in India. Her clients come from every cities in India and UAE to Mumbai for the ultimate Image makeover. One has to stay in mumbai for 21  days for the Visual and non verbal makeover starting from one’s colour analysis, style analysis, body analysis, body language and communication training and of course her signature Dining Etiquette & hosting skills perfections. 
"The ultimate goal of one's image & etiquette makeover in Savior Faire Academie   is to leave them with the knowledge and confidence it takes to look and feel their best anywhere, anytime" says Founder/Director, Savoir Faire Academie, Konkana Bakshi who has established herself as a celebrated image & etiquette consultant ever since the inception of her luxury finishing school. Priding themselves as one of The Premium image & etiquette makeover institutes in the country. Savoir Faire Academie understands the nuances of transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary. Visually stunned makeover of her private clients are something to reckon with. One can only witness the transformation once taken an appointment with her, as Konkana guards the privacy of her clients identity and that gives her clients the ultimate faith in her. “My clients becomes my closest friends over time, says Konkana” 
Konkana Bakshi who introduced Savior Faire Academie in 2013 to aid her clientele The ‘Master the Art of Being Extraordinary' is the only Indian Institute exclusively licensed by Emily Post Institute "I am over the moon. It's an honour to be recognised by one of the most prestigious institutes of Etiquette and Wedding consultancy. . Being the only Indian makes it all the most special. We at Savoir Faire Academie strive to be the force to reckon with in image & etiquette makeover industry with our Corporate, Bridal And exclusive Private client’s satisfaction being our prime focus"
“We live live in a world, in which we meet many people everyday, the moment we meet someone for the first time, we make a judgement about them, based on clearly the way they look and behave. The initial split second of contact is eye to body, that means the moment we meet someone for the very first time, we tend to look at the colours they have around their neck, it’s the first two second before we make eye contact. In the first few seconds we asses ones appearance and decide psychologically if we want to associate with them socially or professionally in near future. It sounds unfair, however truth” says Konkana, whose opulent institute was once associated with the ‘Royal British Etiquette Institution".  While she practices in  India as well as Dubai, Savoir Faire Academie 's forte lies in Business, Wedding & Children etiquette and Majorly in personal Visual Makeovers. 
Savoir Faire who guarantees keeping clients information confidential is associated with clients and corporates like ICICI Pvt Banking, Forevermakr, Trimex,  TBZ, and Cochlear, McKinsey India and her private clients are amongst the Elite entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians who have experienced the empowering training sessions and Konkana’s personal focus on atrention to details. “ it’s my personal satisfaction, I don’t stop my number of sessions until I see a noticeable change in my private clients and bride to be”. No matter how many more sessions I may have to offer from my side. Normally a complete makeover of image and etiquette needs 21 sessions which include a photoshop to show the remarkable before and after image. 
Savoir Faire Academie drifts away from conventional daily and monthly classes. Instead they offer bespoke programme, where each session is unique along with one on one training sessions. Savoir Faire Academie is deemed to make ones experience the feeling of ‘joie de vivre’ as in the Joy of living.

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