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Seeta balani has found her wings, she is raring to fly ….. And soar


I have a strong feeling that is growing stronger which tells me and convinces me that God made a very big mistake by creating women as the weaker sex. They are not, dear God. Come down and look at the women down the ages and you will know that you have made not a small but a very big mistake. Ali Peter John

I know there is a long way to go for women to find their rightful place

  Have you seen women breaking your design made for them Have you seen women constantly and consistently challenging men who have created their own world’s which they refuse to change or to challenge But, have you seen women refusing to bow, to bend, to beg or to break before the one – time mighty power of man I know there is a long way to go for women to find their rightful place, but can’t you, dear God see how women in your world are striving to excel in what is still known and unfortunately even being accepted as a man’s world You are God and I don’t have the courage to ask you any more questions on this subject which is so very close to my heart, but I will give you one example of how a young woman has found her wings and is all set to fly and who will then soar and not only man your favourite creation and not even you in all your power would like to stop.

Let me argue my case (Seeta Balani) by placing before you a slice of her story.

Seeta was born in the illustrious family of Dr Ramanand Sagar (you must be knowing him as one of your greatest devotees) with her parents being Shanti Sagar, (one of the leading filmmakers at one time and a builder and Sheela. She has been interested in education in all its many splendoured forms, but has focused on education for children and how education can be spread among children in the best possible way. Her qualifications will baffle you like it has baffled me and will baffle all those who try to know more about her. She has gone far and wide to pursue her unusual passion which has been appreciated and applauded in places like your favourite country, the. U S A and her last destination as a teacher and also a teacher who trains teachers was in Dubai.

he Seeta of our times is now trying to follow her passion in her own way. She has understood the power of the social media and wants to use this new media in the best way possible to spread the kind of education that is dear to her heart.

Hectic preparations are on in her mind and with the guidance of her much experienced father, she will find all the courage and the confidence to float a new company which as I see it will be a landmark in the field of education.

This dear God is only the beginning of a woman who is going all out to prove that you were mistaken when you created woman as a weak hand maiden of man.

And when you see Seeta soaring up in your sky and daring to fly further, please don’t tell me I didn’t tell you.

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