Sexy and Smart Sneha Namanandi opens her production house with a chat show titled Zindagi Reloaded

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Sexy and Smart Sneha Namanandi opens her production house with a chat show titled Zindagi Reloaded

Along with being an actor and entrepreneur, Sneha Namanandi now ventures into production - Jyothi Venkatesh

The Bade Acche Lagte Hai (season 2) actor has named her production house after her pet dogs, Maui and Miguel. Hence her company is called Maui and Miguel

“I wanted to name my company after my dogs or something about them. I feel that whatever good happens in my life is because of them, their energies, and their blessings.

Also, in the future, as I have always said that I want to start a dog shelter, and maybe that's why they are supporting and helping me financially and mentally so that one day the dogs and I will have a huge happy home together.


That is the vibe I and the dogs around me share. They are helping me in making my life better.

For me, they are the most beautiful souls around me and what better than naming my company after them.

I am glad to announce that I am producing my first project, a chat show titled Zindagi Reloaded and I am very excited about it.

There are six celebrities and Ashna Dhanuka, the renowned lifestyle and confidence coach will be interviewing them.


Krushna Abhishek is one of the actors in the project,” says Sneha, who started her journey in showbiz with Gumrah and was recently seen in the music video Main Jis Din Bhula Du by T-Series.

Revealing the concept of the chat show, she adds that the actors on the show are the ones whose journey would interest common people.

“We want to send a message to commoners that even celebrities face struggles and their journey isn’t easy.


The guest will perform a small stand-up, it would be like a prologue and then the chat show will start.

It will be a question and answer session where the guests will be asked some questions about their life and how do they keep going in this real world.

Then there is a quick rapid-fire round that will have both fun, interesting, and emotional questions,” adds the actor, who also runs a pet cafe and pet brand “The Pet Station”


So how will she manage acting, production, and pet café all at the same time? “I always want to do a lot of things in my life.

I don't want to sit idle, there's just one life and I want to explore as much as I can. I am passionate about whatever work I take up.

So yes, right now I am managing three things. My show Bade Acche Lagte Hai, my pet cafe, and my production house… I am trying my best to manage all three.


Yes, I get very tired at the end of the day but I know this is all going to be worth it. My family’s support plays an important role in everything that I do. My mom and entire family help me a lot,” she shares.

Sneha says Multitasking has been a trait in her since she was a child. “I will carry it with me all my life. When life gives us so many opportunities, why to choose just one,” she ends.

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